Watching a Noh Play

Kyosai - RR130
  • Kyosai - RR130
  • Watching a Noh Play
  • Watching a Noh Play


Kyosai Kawanabe (1831 - 1889)


Scenes of Famous Places along the Tôkaidô Road


circa 1863


Oban (about 31,11 cm x 20,95 cm)




Kyosai Kawanabe (1831 - 1889) 

Series : Famous places along the Tokaido Road (The processionnal Tokaido) 

Watching a Noh Play

This serie commemorate the journey of the Sogun from Edo to Kyoto in 1863 to pay his respects to the Emperor. The Shogun's power was in decline at the time, and the procession had not been made for many yaers, so this was an important event. 

Many different artists contibuted designs for the series, including Kunisada, Yoshitoshi and Hiroshige II. This collaboration resulted in a total of 162 prints by 16 artits issued by 24 publishers.


Condition : with a couple holes repaired from reverse. Very slight soiling, slight thinning. A few small creases or wrinkles.