Inuyama Dôsetsu Tadamoto

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  • Artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839-1892)
  • Series Sagas of beauty and bravery Suikoden
  • Published circa 1867 (Keiô 3 - 8ème mois)
  • Publisher Ômiya Kyûsuke
  • Signature Kaisai Yoshitoshi hitsu
  • Size Chûban (env. 24,13 cm x 17,78 cm)

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YOSHITOSHI Tsukioka (1839 - 1892)

Original japanese print

Series : Saga of beauty and bravery Suikoden (Biyû Suikoden)

Inuyama Dôsetsu Tadamoto

In 1866, Yoshitoshi began work on a series called "sagas of beauty and bravery Suikoden". Instead of depicting the traditional characters from the novel "Suikoden", Yoshitoshi chose to use his own set of heroes from japanese history and legends. He also incorporated spirits and monsters, resulting in a very unusual and creative twist on th classic Suikoden theme.

The Boston's Museum has this print on his collection.

Published : circa 1866/1867 (Keiô 3 - 8th month)

Publisher : Ômiya Kyiûsuke

Signed : Kaisai Yoshitoshi hitsu

Format : vertical chûban (9 1/2" x 7")

Condition : Stitching holes along one side from previous folio binding, repaired, blends well. Few small wormholes repaired. Losses at the left edges. Slight soiling or rubbing. Please see photos